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a gay man portraying a straight man forcing a lesbian actress playing a lesbian to focus on a hot dude’s dick

ladies and gentleman, American Horror Story. 

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[1080p] SHINee — 「Downtown Baby」Music Video

Credits: MarneyMarney

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The owner of this blog has too many feelings for Korean Guys

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exo’s real dancing machine, park chanyeol

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Is there anyone out there, from our Blue Night family, that is crying alone tonight? Not crying out of pity for something or someone, but instead because they cannot help asking why they are living in the way that they are? Is there anyone that is feeling sentimental or guilty, needlessly? Don’t be like that. I hope that you believe that these bitter days of crying alone will prove to be the most beautiful days of your life. You’ll realize, with time, that your life is actually pretty alright. I promise you. In fact, I’ll write you a guarantee! The most beautiful thing in all the world is right now. This moment. You. Don’t ever forget that.
Jonghyun’s closing words on ‘Blue Night’ on the 11th March, 2014.  (via hwaitinghwaiting)

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roller coaster costume

I seriously thought they were on a fake roller coaster

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